Do you recognize (or think you do) any of these WWII soldiers? My father Harold "Ted" Clark served with them in WWII sometime between 1943 and 1945. Since there was a sketch of a ship included with the soldier sketches, I am thinking the sketches were created while on board the ship on the way to their war assignments. My father was in the Army from February 1943 until 1945 but went overseas in August 1944 in Company B of the 1276th Engineer Combat Battalion. I expect the ship may have had multiple battalions on it at the same time.

Unfortunately a large percentage of WWII records were lost in a fire at the archives, including my fathers. I would like to give the original sketch to the family of the person in the sketch if possible. Please use the Contact Us page if you think you know any of the people.

  •  Onboard ship

    Onboard ship

  •  unknown soldier 1

    unknown soldier 1

  •  unknown soldier 2

    unknown soldier 2

  •  unknown soldier 3

    unknown soldier 3

  •  unknown soldier (Fagason/Ferguson ?)

    unknown soldier (Fagason/Ferguson ?)